Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday September 17th

Welcome Back!
Monday's homework is:

Spelling - Lesson 2 - one page

Math - Complete multiplication page that was started in class. Use the array method.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11,2018

Dear Parents and Students,
     What a wonderful start to this new school year! It has been a joy getting to know you, and your learning styles as students. Now that we have taken the time to organize our notebooks and other materials we will begin having nightly homework. I have gone over homework expectations in class, and will detail them at Open House on September 20th. Below is tonight's homework. If there are any problems, please write a brief note on the work and I will help the next day.

Spelling - page 3, unit 1 in the Spelling book
Math - Home Link 2.3 ( note: I did go over the word problem in class and walked students through the steps of this process)
Reading - 20 minutes of silent reading with a book of their choice

Have a great night!
NOTE: Open House is September 20th session 1: 6:00, session 2: 6:45 I hope to see you!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Welcome Back!!!!!!

Dear Students and Parents,
     I hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to an exciting school year! I have had a great summer and have taken a summer college course at Columbia Teacher's College, taught a summer program in Andover MA, and enjoyed beach walks near my home in Kittery Point ME. All of that has helped to inspire me, and I can't wait to share the wonderful things I've learned with you. I'm truly looking forward to this new year!

     I'm sure you are all anxious to get yourselves prepared for the year and might want to do some back to school shopping for supplies. Please don't feel any pressure to have all of this on the first day! We'll have plenty of time to gather these materials.  Also note that I will have extras of everything, so of you can't get something, I will have it. Also note, plenty of these items might be re-used from a previous year or found around your house, so don't buy what you don't need!

Some Basics:
A three ring binder (about a 1" or 2" binding)
Several pencils
Several pens
An eraser
A small pencil sharpener
A pencil case that fits inside of your binder (or one that is a part of your binder)
5 dividers that have pockets and are 3 hole punched (to fit in your binder)
Some loose leaf white lined paper ( 3 hole punched)

Other possible materials:
A small pencil box that might fit in your desk
Your own set of colored pencils ( although I have some for the classroom)
Small scissors
Sticky notes
Two pocket folders (  1 or 2 for loose papers and projects)

And if you'd like to contribute to our classroom, we can always use:
White board markers

Most importantly: bring your wonderful selves! I look forward to meeting you very soon!
My best --
Ms. Blumenthal